"Wanted to say thank you for  job well done on our air handler #1. Your team had the execution plan perfect, Earl and his co-workers weregreat to work with. We did not have one hic up - nice job! We'll keep you in mind for the next job bid, we like what you do!"
Lowell Bull
Engineering Manager, York Hospital

 "I just wanted to let you know about a project we had your company complete at the Yorktowne Hotel.This project was to get a steam boilerthat was not installed proper in 2007 working the right way.   This was not going to be an easy project as there were a few leaks and there was more than one issue causing this boiler not to work including bad internal wiring and water over filling. I can not be any more pleased with the boiler tech Justin that did this massive undertaking for one man. He was very professional and kept us informed as to what his plans were to get this running proper and what needed redone. At end of each day he showed us the bad parts he replaced as well as the rewiring he had done. When he needed to add some parts not on the estimate we both met and discussed the issue until all were in agreement. He even gave us a little class in blowing down the boiler and how often we should do it. Since the project was completed last Friday the boiler has worked flawlessly for the first time in since it was installed in 2007. I just wanted to say thank you and thank Justin for an outstanding job. I will not hesitate to use or recommend your company in the future."
Terry Long
Chief Engineer, Yorktowne Hotel

"As always, many thanks for the great service."
Carol-Lee and Gary Gilbert

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Chas and your company. Chas did a great job here.  His looking ahead and pre making of the duct work was a huge part of the success to this job. Your company was very quick to respond on my unforeseen.  With all the different phrases and the push of the job you guys never stumbled.  So once again thank you for your great help which in return made this a successful job. Look forward to working with you and your company again in the near future."
Thank you!
Jim Strausbaugh

"We appreciate the cooperation we received from your team that completed the New Creation Community Church install. Nate, Andy, Chad, & Dan were friendly, cooperative, and respectful while working with our child care center.  This was difficult at times as we strived to maintain child care regulations while they worked to install the new system. The team, who became a fixture of our daily lives, also responded with kindness to the children when they asked them questions. The team displayed great professionalism and we enjoyed working with them."
Best Regards,
Angie Krepps
New Creation Station Child Care Center
New Creation Community Church

"Also to let you know that Nate is a real hard worker. I guess you subcontracted him. I just wanted to let you know that he practically ran around to get this work done on time. You don't have to be afraid to use him. He is a hard worker." 
(Excerpt from an email to Stewart and Tate Contractors)
Cindy Tshudy
Tyson Foods